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Thickener Circuit Optimisation Application

The Thickener Optimisation Application more accurately predicts the physical and geometallurgical properties of the feed material compared to current expert systems. It then supplies that data in real time to the Operators to enable them to deliver continuous optimisation of the Thickener. This enables mines to accurately optimise the delivery of the feed materials for its thickeners, resulting in an overall increase in percent solids output.


The technology platform provides real time automated assimilation of multiple existing data sources. These data sources cover the geological, mining and processing information required to generate the variables used in the digital thickener model. The data is organised into a connected virtual asset structure. In this structure data of varying resolution is filtered both practically and statistically through the Data Quality Model to ensure only quality data is used in simulation.


The Thickener Circuit Optimisation Application starts by accurately tracking and predicting the geometallurgical and physical properties of the feed material in real time. Virtual Sensors are generated using an asset specific library of mathematical models to determine missing engineering parameters in real time. The Financial Model accurately predicts operating unit costs in real time using dynamic financial variables.


The optimisation engine uses complex Machine Learning techniques to balance operational and financial optimisation by proactively providing control variables required for continuous optimisation. The optimisation engine is constantly reviewed with input from operation personnel on site. In addition, a process simulation environment is provided which allows engineers to test various operational scenarios for training purposes.


  • Provides a level of control about current expert systems.
  • Operators receive real time predictions to stay better informed.
  • Make proactive changes in Thickener to maximise throughput.
  • Drastically reduce flocculant consumption

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