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Our Technology Stack



The Brains Platform ingests different types of sensor data, adds data quality algorithms to create a data lake and applies sophisticated equipment and system models to deliver previously unknown process insights and recommends optimisation actions in real-time through a combination of prediction, simulation and optimisation models presented in our process-specific applications.

The Brains Platform facilitates continuous data processing, ensures data quality with functionality such as anomaly detection and statistical checks, supports multiple machine learning models and target process models based on first principles.

Our technology stack features an open and scalable technology platform supporting integration with IT and OT (operational technology) systems. The platform supports multiple instances of the infrastructure. An enterprise-class architecture based on a hybrid cloud technology stack enables onsite and offsite deployment, all supported by a robust security model.

We provide integration adaptors to various industrial systems so that developers can write adaptor to any new data source and add to the platform. We support WHART and LORA wireless standards, and regularly add new wireless standards.