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Our Platform

Establish a Wireless Sensor Network

Equipment & Process Data Collected & Analysed

Industrial Systems Integration

System Simulation & Modelling

Optimisation Predictions

The IntelliSense.io Brains platform has been developed from the ground up by our development team to dramatically improve productivity and efficiency in capital and asset intensive industries, through a combination of sensors, software and simulation.
The Brains Platform delivers “Optimisation-as-a-Service” with no upfront capital expenditure, fast deployment and continuous solutions upgrades delivering rapid return on investment for mining operations across the world. Some of its leading-edge features are:

Access to and analyse real-time
data from multiple sources

Data Analytics, Predictions and Optimisation driven
REST API and industry standard interfaces
The platform can be used to develop new applications by certified partners and developers.

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Brains WSN

Delivers hardware, wireless connectivity and integration software to source data from various locations.

The Brains WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) delivers hardware, wireless network and integration software to provide a single data view of operations. Brains WSN integrates data from existing industrial automation systems, unstructured data sources, such as maintenance logs, and new sensors to plug any data gaps in the system, enabling the development of a complete asset profile.


Real time analytics application delivering optimisation recommendations and predictive maintenance of equipment.

The Brains.app is a real time  analytics application used by plant operators, systems engineers and operations management teams to gain operational insights to drive productivity and efficiency improvements. We apply our best practice equipment models to design the overall system model and compare performance against ideal operation. The uniqueness of our approach is that each model is tailored for the target process. Economic optimisation is as important as operational optimisation.


Process simulator calibrated with real time data enabling an online verification of changes to the system configuration.

The Brains VOS (Virtual Optimisation Simulator) is a web-based process simulation environment. It identifies circuit bottlenecks, carries out “what if” scenarios and trains operators on best ways to handle similar situations. All optimisation control recommendations can be verified within the offline environment, removing all production risk. A variety of advanced statistical methods are used to identify patterns in process bottlenecks and deliver predictions on future system performance under various load conditions.