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Our Technology

Establish a Wireless Sensor Network

Equipment & Process Data Collected & Analysed

Industrial Systems Integration

System Simulation & Modelling

Optimisation Predictions

A hybrid cloud-based, flexible, heterogeneous sensor data management system for deploying industrial-scale IoT and AI applications. The Brains Technology ingests different types of sensor data, applies data quality algorithms to create a data lake of calibrated sensor data and applies machine learning and physical models to deliver previously unknown insights and recommendations through our decision support software that is integrated directly to the existing control system or recommendations are provided to users.

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Real Time Data Source Integration

brains.app starts by providing real time automated assimilation of multiple existing data sources and software. These data sources cover the geological, mining and processing information required to generate the variables used in the rest of the platform.

Data Assimilation and Data Quality

The data is organised into a connected virtual asset/metric structure. In this structure; data of varying resolution is filtered both practically and statistically through the IntelliSense.io Data Quality Model.

The feed variables required for the digital process model come from four unique models:

Digital Asset Library and Virtual Sensors

A Virtual Sensor is a real time model output based on both dynamic and static inputs. They are used in operational decision making, automated control and both machine learning and empirical simulation based prediction models.

The Virtual Sensor is processed in the cloud, allowing it to be constantly re-trained and re-calibrated. The accuracy and robustness of the outputs are cross verified using equivalent outputs of parallel models. The Virtual Sensor suite is asset specific and replaces expensive instrumentation capital costs.

Financial Model

The Intellisese.io Financial Model accurately calculates and, when paired with the Digital Process Model, predicts asset based operating unit costs in real time using dynamic financial variables.

Asset Performance Management

Specific digital assets are pre-loaded with a configurable Design-Installation-Point of Failure-Failure Curve (DIPF Curve) which is used in Asset Maintenance. The brains.app platform assesses where on the curve the asset lies in real time.

Material Transport and Influence Models

This combination of models accurately track and predict the geometallurgical and physical properties of the material in real time. These models use a system-wide dynamic mass balance. The brains.app platform predicts the exact properties of the material entering the process and exactly how it will affect that process; operators have adequate time to make proactive changes to maximise throughput.


The data generated across the digital mine and plant can be reconciled back into a dynamic geological block model. This dynamic model can be used in enhanced re-optimisation of medium and long-term planning to increase confidence of delivering asset value. From this holistic view, brains.app will provide a set of system-level recommendations to both mine and plant.

Reporting and Alerts

All of the data generated through the digital mine and plant can be manipulated using custom dashboards and report subscriptions. This gives the user one platform to view traditionally individually siloed data.

Any data, including the virtual sensors and financial model outputs, can be downloaded in raw csv form. The platform provides configurable push notifications to alert users once reports are ready.

Brains WSN

The Brains WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) delivers hardware, wireless network and integration software to provide a single data view of sensor data scalable over long distance and short range wireless networks. Brains WSN integrates data from existing sensors, industrial automation and SCADA systems, unstructured data sources, such as maintenance logs, and new sensors to fill any data gaps. It applies data quality algorithms to calibrate sensor data and create a data lake that can be used for analysis. Brains WSN enables development of a complete asset profile that feeds our applications and Brains.VOS.


The Brains.app product is a real-time analytics and decision support application used by plant operators, systems engineers and operations management teams to gain operational insights and make decisions that drive productivity and efficiency improvements. We apply best practice equipment models to design the overall system model, compare performance against ideal operation and identify sources of variability. We deliver optimisation set points for the target technical and financial processes in order to reduce variability, improve per unit operating cost and increase throughput. Each model is tailored for the target process.


The Brains.VOS (Virtual Optimisation Simulator) product is a process simulation environment that is calibrated continuously with real-time data. Brains.VOS identifies circuit bottlenecks, carries out “what if” scenarios and trains operators on best ways to handle similar situations. All optimisation control recommendations can be verified within the offline environment, removing production risk while allowing for simulation. A variety of advanced statistical methods are used to identify patterns in process bottlenecks and deliver predictions on future system performance under various load conditions.

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