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Our Culture

Making Customers Successful. One Team, One Dream. Be Yourself

We know we are making a difference with cutting edge technologies and driving progress in an industry which has traditionally been slow to change. Above all IntelliSense.io is a team of clever, dedicated people who are given the freedom to develop unique and innovative solutions that drive customer success in the mining industry.

The IntelliSense.io team is located across different locations, but work closely together thanks to a strong culture that weaves throughout the organisation encouraging an open, dynamic and ambitious outlook.

Our engineering, data science and delivery teams work closely with customers to manage implementations, staying on-site to ensure full delivery of the solution. This approach helps to build a strong relationship with our customers and keeps us close to their operations as they go through ramp up and down.

Our Commitment

Continuous learning fuels innovation.

We believe today more than ever that change around us is happening at an incredible pace. This is primarily driven by technology, and in order for us to keep at pace with the change, lifelong learning is a key theme that we pursue at the company. Individuals have the flexibility to choose their theme and continue with their passion as they deem fit. The theme of “continuous learning” is something we share with our clients and through the technology that IntelliSense.io creates we aim to ensure our customers achieve it as well. Commitment to learning is a key attribute that we look for in future employees, who demonstrate an ability to initiate “self-learning” and “self-development” through either their research work or having re-trained themselves from a different vocation. This video exemplifies the commitment from our own Sam M.

Career Opportunities

Begin your next career adventure at IntelliSense.io! We are a dynamic and forward-thinking software and data analytics company that offers opportunities for creativity and advancement to energetic, hard-working team members. We are looking for exceptional professionals who thrive in a collaborative, fast-paced and entrepreneurial environment. We are interested in hearing from qualified applicants for the job openings posted. Enquiries about internships, especially for mining engineers, data scientists and developers are always welcome.


DevOps Engineer Cambridge, UK / London / Barcelona
Big Data Engineer Cambridge, UK / London / Barcelona / Remote
Technical Sales Engineer Chile
Applied Data Scientist Cambridge, UK / Barcelona / Santiago, Chile