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Next Generation Mine to Market Applications

Atacamite’ 18 Product Release – Coming Soon

Atacamite’ 18 represents the industry’s first AI powered Mine to Market Applications portfolio that can be deployed out of the box with NO CAPEX. Based on a configurable model-based approach, the applications that form part of Atacamite ‘18 will help you to optimise specific processes and identify automation bottlenecks in the plant.

Be among the first to learn how to use an AI powered application for your Mine. Sign up to our free training and become part of an exclusive group of miners who will learn directly from the engineers and miners behind our leading AI technology.

During this in-depth training, you will learn how to use data and our brains.app technology platform to more accurately predict process performance and asset behaviours.  This will enable you to identify root cause of process bottlenecks, create influence matrix of ore impact on process and prioritise the processes that are candidates for real time optimisation.  

You can then upload your mine’s data into the platform to start the discovery process and prioritise areas for optimisation.

Coming soon

Case Studies

These companies are already realising the benefits of our real time decision making platform and AI powered mine to market applications.

Find out how our application accurately predicts SAG Mill performance to recommend the bearing pressure set point, when to add the balls and when to check the liners.  

Learn how our technology accurately predicts SAG Mill performance


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Find out how Anglo American were able to dramatically reduce on/off pump switches, saving water consumption and energy usage while increasing pipeline stability.

Optimising a pipeline in the Chilean mountains


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Find out how our application is being used to increase the percent solid recovery, increase water recovery and reduce energy consumption at a Chilean copper mine. 

Fixing throughput bottleneck and removing capital expenditure needs for one of the world’s largest copper producers

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The IntelliSense.io Difference

IntelliSense.io makes capital and asset-intensive industries more efficient through our real time decision making technology platform and Artificial Intelligence powered Optimisation as Service applications, resulting in reduced operating cost and higher production yield.

No CapEx

Subscription based model ensures no upfront capital expenditure and continuous update of the applications including models as part of the subscription.

Predictive Analytics

Our dual modelling approach (Machine learning and Physical Models) delivers more accurate predictions and handles previously unseen situations.

Faster Deployment

Out of the box applications enable faster deployment, early benefit realisation and builds confidence on the digitisation program in operations.

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Our Clients

“The implemented energy conservation measures have delivered significant operational savings in Dresden.”
Director of Site Facilities, Global Foundries
“IntelliSense.io has been engaged to identify and implement Energy and Efficiency Improvement at the Well Pumping Systems in the Mining sites at Kazakhstan. They have deployed the Brains platform of sensors, wireless sensor network and Brains.app to acquire real-time data, analyse data to identify energy reduction and efficient improvement opportunities at the site.”
General Director, KazAtomProm
“We believe that the future of mining involves deploying technologies, such as the IntelliSense.io products, that provide advances in analytics to enable decision-making and deliver step change in production improvement.
Innovation Manager, Antofagasta Minerals

“We believe the future of mining involves training our workforce to utilise the Industrial Internet, big data and analytics to enable better decision-making, deliver step change in productivity improvement and help in stabilising the industry.” Announcing that IntelliSense.io and the Kazakhstan Center of Competence in Mining & Metallurgical have entered into a strategic partnership.

General Director, Almaty Tech Garden

“IntelliSense.io is a ‘UK Startup to Watch’ in Energy for the Mining Industry.”

Cisco, Cisco