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Optimisation as a Service (OaaS)


Optimisation as a Service (OaaS) enables capital and asset-intensive industries to eliminate inefficiencies across their operations through a No CAPEX, Just INSIGHT model.

IntelliSense.io OaaS applications for the Mining industry deliver an integrated Pit-to-Port operation resulting in better forward curve decisions and dramatically improved throughput and efficiency across their Extraction, Processing and Utility systems.


The IntelliSense.io Difference

One Platform

One Platform
(No CapEx)

Predictive Analytics


Simulation Based Optimisation



IntelliSense.io applications are accelerating the transition towards Industry 4.0 for the Natural Resources Industry with

  • Resilient, scalable and complementary data acquisition infrastructure
  • Accurate process performance predictions across multiple performance variables
  • Real time continuous optimisation through hybrid cloud integrated with existing control systems

Our customers realise benefits of:

  • Improved efficiency (reduced energy consumption, water requirements, less unplanned downtime, improved throughput)
  • Automation to reduce variability in operations
  • Reduced unit cost ($/tonne)

Typical ROI from IntelliSense.io deployments are achieved within 12 months.

Brains.app screen
Brains.app screen

Our Clients:

“The implemented energy conservation measures have delivered significant operational savings in Dresden.”
Director of Site Facilities, Global Foundries
“IntelliSense.io has been engaged to identify and implement Energy and Efficiency Improvement at the Well Pumping Systems in the Mining sites at Kazakhstan. They have deployed the Brains platform of sensors, wireless sensor network and Brains.app to acquire real-time data, analyse data to identify energy reduction and efficient improvement opportunities at the site.”
General Director, KazAtomProm
“We believe that the future of mining involves deploying technologies, such as the IntelliSense.io products, that provide advances in analytics to enable decision-making and deliver step change in production improvement.
Innovation Manager, Antofagasta Minerals

“We believe the future of mining involves training our workforce to utilise the Industrial Internet, big data and analytics to enable better decision-making, deliver step change in productivity improvement and help in stabilising the industry.” Announcing that IntelliSense.io and the Kazakhstan Center of Competence in Mining & Metallurgical have entered into a strategic partnership.

General Director, Almaty Tech Garden

“IntelliSense.io is a ‘UK Startup to Watch’ in Energy for the Mining Industry.”

Cisco, Cisco