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Nuestra visión

Empoderar a las personas y máquinas para que tomen decisiones confiables y a nivel superior.

Nuestra misión aspira a ser el socio que escojan las industrias de uso intensivo de capital y activos al desplegar tecnologías que mejoran considerablemente la productividad, eficiencia y rendimiento de sus plantas, procesos y personal.

Nuestro tablero

Sam G. Bose
Sam G. BoseFounder and CEO

Sam is the Founder and CEO of, leading the company as it drives the adoption of digital technologies by the Industrial Sector. We are enabling it through our real time decision making technology platform Learn More >

Dr. Steve Garnett
Dr. Steve GarnettChairman

Steve Garnett has had one of the most distinguished careers of any European executive in the software industry. Steve has been a member of the executive management team of three software startups…Learn More >

Mark L. Mathias
Mark L. MathiasNon-Executive Director

Mark has more than 25 years’ experience in the natural resources and global energy sector. He has held senior positions and managed global trading teams in Total, Marc Rich, Glencore and Vitol. Learn More >

Lord Wasserman
Lord WassermanBoard Advisor

After a long career as an adviser to Governments on both sides of the Atlantic, Lord Wasserman joined the House of Lords in 2011. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in introducing new technologies… Learn More >

Nuestro equipo

Dr. John Baits
Dr. John BaitsVP of Technology

Dr. Baits leads the Engineering function and ensures is developing best-in-class products to world class processes and standards. Learn More >

Dr. Grant K
Dr. Grant KField Operations Director

Grant is our Field Operations Director focusing on customer success and expanding our presence to new customers, markets, and partners. Learn More >

Mark D G
Mark D GProduct Director

Mark is the Product Director at where he has successfully designed and deployed some of the industry’s first minerals processing specific AI applications… Learn More >

Chris H
Chris HEngineering Lead

Chris is the Engineering Team Lead for the platform. This work provides interesting challenges both in terms of data processing and data visualization. Learn More >

Dr. Hugh M
Dr. Hugh MData Science Lead

Hugh is the Data Science Lead with specific focus on developing world class models that characterise Industrial operations and implement efficient decision making recommendations… Learn More >

Ryan B
Ryan BMarketing Lead

Ryan leads our Marketing focusing on showing customers the benefits that our services and products can offer in terms of measurable efficiency and performance improvements from first introductions to customer success. Learn More >

Cristian G
Cristian GChile Country Manager

Cristian is the country manager for Chile and responsible for driving operations in the country. He drives introducing market leading AI applications to the Chilean Mining industry… Learn More >

Andrei T
Andrei TKazakhstan Country Manager

Andrei is the country manager for Kazakhstan and responsible for driving operations in the country. He is combining both sales and administrative roles while being responsible for the successful implementation of projects in the region.Learn More >

Phaedo T
Phaedo TTechnical Pre-Sales Executive

As the Technical Pre-Sales Executive Phaedo translates the IntelliSense’s solutions in value for new and existing clients. He showcases how our solutions can unlock a world of efficiencies and generate direct business value.Learn More >

Niel K
Niel KApplications Specialist

As Application Specialist, Niel ensures that’s products address the needs & add the desired value of our commercial partners. He does this by combining his experience in the mining industry with his understanding of the process optimization possibilities unlocked by AI… Learn More >

Dr. Mario G
Dr. Mario GData Scientist

Mario is a PhD Structural Engineer, from University of Chile. Additionally, he has studied Mathematics, Graphic Computing and Finite Elements. High ability to use theoretical knowledge to solve engineering problems. Learn More >

Dr. Denis R
Dr. Denis RData Scientist

Denis has been involved with since the early days and have shaped the company’s offerings. He’s passionate about data analysis and ever expanding frontiers of emerging Internet of Things. Learn More >

Dr. Boris W
Dr. Boris WData Scientist

Boris received his PhD in physics from the University of Hamburg, where he studied atom dynamics and magnetism on the nanoscopic scale, utilising scanning tunneling microscopy and Monte Carlo simulations. Learn More >

Dr. Cecilia L
Dr. Cecilia LData Scientist

Cecilia is a Physicist with a PhD from the University of Twente working in our Data Science team.Learn More >

Simon S
Simon SData Scientist

Simon is a member of the data science team and assists in identifying opportunities for and developing actionable advisories using a combination of domain knowledge, multivariate statistical analysis and machine learning.Learn More >

Sonali D
Sonali DProduct Assurance Engineer

Sonali focuses on Quality Assurance of our products. She has diverse skill set from being a test engineer to managing Tier 1 – 2 infrastructure. Learn More >

Menna W
Menna WProduct Support Engineer

Menna has been a Software Quality Specialist since 2012, with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Science from Ain Shams University. She focuses on all types of manual testing for web-based, mobile and desktop applications. Learn More >

Irina I
Irina ISoftware Engineer

Irina joined as a front-end developer and works on the platform. She’s interested in everything related to javascript, especially modern libraries for the front-end and data visualization.Learn More >

Sean K
Sean KSoftware Engineer

Sean works on the Engineering Team at as a back-end developer for the platform.Learn More >

Diego R
Diego RSoftware Engineer

Diego is a software engineer with a decade of experience and a background in big data architectures. He works in the Engineering Team on the platform as a back-end developer. Learn More >

Guillem S
Guillem SSoftware Engineer

Guillem is a front-end developer with a background in physics. He specializes in dashboard-like applications, focusing in data visualization. Learn More >

Ash K
Ash KSoftware Engineer

Ash has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Syracuse University and an MSc in Information Systems from IITU. He works with the Kazakhstan team in DevOps. Learn More >

Ignacio M
Ignacio MTechnical Solutions Engineer

Ignacio is a Metallurgical Engineer from Universidad de Concepción, Chile. He works in the Chilean team as a Technical Solution Engineer.Learn More >

Ailynne V
Ailynne VTechnical Solutions Engineer

Ailynne is a Metallurgical Engineer from Concepción University, Chile. She works with the Chile team as a Technical Solution Engineer and helps with metallurgical processing projects. Learn More >

James B
James BFinancial Controller

James serves as’s financial controller. He is instrumental in helping the company achieve its growth and scale objectives in a sustainable manner. Learn More >

Elizabeth F
Elizabeth FOffice Coordinator and Administrator

Elizabeth is a professional with extensive knowledge and experience in bilingual executive assistance, administration, foreign trade and planning of events for important national and multinational corporations.Learn More >

Nuestras oficinas tiene su sede en Cambridge (Reino Unido), un centro de innovación, ciencia y tecnología de primer nivel, con tres oficinas más en las vibrantes ciudades de Almaty (Kazajstán), Barcelona (España) y Santiago (Chile). Contáctenos

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