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Our Vision

Empowering people and machines to make superior and reliable decisions.

Our Mission aims to be the partner of choice for capital and asset-intensive industries by deploying technologies that dramatically improve productivity, efficiency and yield from their plants, processes and people.

Our Board

Sam G. Bose

Sam got exposed to the world of Machine 2 Machine some 10 years back. Back then he could see the potential of technology in changing the world around us but it had numerous obstacles. Learn More >

Dr. Steve Garnett
Dr. Steve GarnettChairman

Steve Garnett has had one of the most distinguished careers of any European executive in the software industry. Steve has been a member of the executive management team of three software startups…Learn More >

Mark L. Mathias
Mark L. MathiasNon-Executive Director

Mark has more than 25 years’ experience in the natural resources and global energy sector. He has held senior positions and managed global trading teams in Total, Marc Rich, Glencore and Vitol. Learn More >

Our Team

Dr. John Baits
Dr. John BaitsVP of Engineering

Dr. Baits leads the Engineering function and ensures is developing best-in-class products to world class processes and standards. Learn More >

Chris H
Chris HEngineering Team Lead

Chris is the Engineering Team Lead for the cloud platform. This work provides interesting challenges both in terms of data processing and data visualization. Learn More >

Joanne H
Joanne HGlobal Account Director

Joanne leads all commercial engagements with key customer accounts and ensures provides a differentiated commercial offering. Learn More >

Mark G
Mark GProduct Lead

Mark focuses on understanding the client’s technical and business requirements and to manage delivery of applications. Learn More >

Cristian G
Cristian GField Engineering Lead

Cristian is a Metallurgical Engineer, with MSc in Mineral Processing from Santiago University, Chile. He represents in South America and is our Field Engineering Lead. Learn More >

Leonardo A
Leonardo ATechnical Solution Engineer

Leonardo is an Electronic Engineer, with a Msc in Automation from Federico Santa María Technical University, Chile. Learn More >

Sonali D
Sonali DProduct Software Engineer

Sonali focusses on the actual testing of the product with an efficient plan ensuring the implementation of processes, procedures, and standards.Learn More >

Lorena F
Lorena FApplication Specialist

Lorena joined as an Application Specialist. She focuses on understanding the client business requirements, delivering and ensuring a bespoke product application.Learn More >

Dr. Denis R
Dr. Denis RSenior R&D Engineer

Denis joined as an R&D engineer. He’s passionate about data analysis and ever expanding frontiers of emerging Internet of Things. Learn More >

Dr. Hugh M
Dr. Hugh MData Science Team Lead

Hugh works as our Data Science Team Lead working on the mathematical models that underlie the platform. Learn More >

Dr. Boris W
Dr. Boris WApplied R&D Engineer

Boris is an Applied R&D Engineer. He works on the physical and statistical models we use to turn raw sensor data into actionable predictions and recommendations. Learn More >

Dr. Grant K
Dr. Grant KApplied R&D Engineer

As an Applied R&D Engineer for IntelliSense, Grant is part of the Modelling team focused on building process-specific data models for predictions that yield optimisation opportunities. Learn More >

Dr. Cecilia L
Dr. Cecilia LApplied R&D Engineer

Cecilia is a Physicist with a PhD from the University of Twente working in our Data Science team.Learn More >

Karolin S
Karolin SSoftware Engineer

Karolin is a Software Engineer. She really enjoys working in development since it goes well with her previous design experience. Learn More >

Aleksi I
Aleksi ISoftware Engineer

Aleksi is a Software Engineer, and involved in the back-end development of the IoT platform. He is interested in all aspects of data processing: how data is read from sensors, how it is transmitted and stored, and how it is analyzed.

Learn More >
Sam M
Sam MUser Experience Engineer

Sam works on the user experience and usability of the platform. Learn More >

Ian F
Ian FAdvisory Board Member

Ian’s location in the Bay Area enables him to identify and engage with suppliers of compelling, complementary technology to the offering. Learn More >

James B
James BFinancial Controller

James serves as’s financial controller. He is instrumental in helping the company achieve its growth and scale objectives in a sustainable manner. Learn More >

Our Offices is headquartered in Cambridge (UK) a world-class hub for innovation, science, and technology, with three more offices in the vibrant cities of Almaty (Kazakhstan), Barcelona (Spain) and Santiago (Chile). Contact us here.

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