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Pit-to-Port Optimisation Solutions

Mining Processes:  In-house, pit-to-port process expertise is complemented by partnership with world-leading engineering consultancies.

Individual Applications

Heap Leach Monitoring & Optimisation

Functions: Predict & estimate permeability. Monitor rate of consumption. Profile heat, aeration & drip rates. Monitor & detect pipeline for blockage.
Outcomes: Increased production yield. Reduced energy consumption. Reduced acid consumption.

Mine Reconciliation & Plant Planning

Functions: Real-time reconciliation of block model prediction against plant output for regular block model updates. Predict plant outputs (mineral grades) reflecting changing circuit configurations and block model updates.
Outcomes: Optimised mine schedule and accurate plant. Outputs for forward curve decisions.

Material Composition Monitoring & Prediction

Functions: Tracks material mass flow from the Pit to and through the Plant. Quantifies mineral abundances into Economic, Sub-Economic and Gangue. Predicts physical and geo-metallurgical properties.
Outcomes: Real-time accurate material property estimates. Material financial and performance influence matrix. Virtual parameter addition.

Grinding Circuit Optimisation

Functions: Predict process & equipment performance. Optimise operational & financial performance through a combination of digital equipment & financial models. Measure charge (hardware) & liner wear rates.
Outcomes: Reduce downstream variability & optimise recovery cost. Identify expected optimised liner wear rate. Reduced energy consumption.

Tailings Dam Monitoring & Automation

Functions: Discrete survey data. Online data collection. Predictive computation. Data insights.
Outcomes: Integrate topographic and bathymetric analysis to track tailings deposition over time. Capture real-time data. Predict future tailing topology from a zonal discharge plan. Target operational alerts and recommendations.

Thickener Circuit Optimisation

Functions: Accurately predict feed geometallurgical & physical properties. Optimise operational & financial performance (unit cost/tonne). Simulation environment for diagnostics & training.
Outcomes: Increased water recovery. Reduced consumable reagent costs. Reduced environmental risk.

Pipeline System Optimisation

Functions: Pipeline integrity monitoring. Determine optimum pumping schedule. Enable dynamic maintenance scheduling. Simulation environment for diagnostics & training.
Outcomes: Reduced fresh water consumption. Reduced energy consumption. Reduced health & safety risk.

In-Situ Leaching Monitoring & Optimisation

Functions: Accurately predict volumetric balance. Optimise operational & financial performance (unit cost/tonne).
Outcomes: Increased yield & energy efficiency. Extended equipment lifetime. Real-time holistic visibility across site.

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